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The Protestant Reformation

Group type: Sunday Classes
Schedule: Every Sunday at 9:30am
Medium westminster abbey jamie koster
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This summer Pastor Harvey will lead a course on the Protestant Reformation developed by Westminster Theological Seminary. The course features 11 videos of approximately 20 minutes narrated by Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster Theological Seminary (and former Associate Pastor of our Church!). This series has been called a visual feast for the quality of its presentations. You will learn not only the history of the Reformation, but how these vital truths of Scripture shape your life each day. Following the video Pastor Harvey will lead the class in a discussion of the Biblical basis and practical implications of this material for your spiritual life and for the church. The scope, sequence and videos of the course can be found here.

  • Leaders
  • Eric Anest

  • Eric Boye

  • James Harvey

  • Lawrence E. DeHeer